More than just “CAD guys”!

Some people think of us as “the CAD guys”, to others we’re engineers or designers. So what really goes on here at Evolve?

In a nutshell, we design develop and manage new product ideas for corporations and individuals, but to really understand what Evolve does, we need to take a look at the Product Development Cycle to explain where and how we fit into this process.

At the beginning of this cycle is the concept or ideation stage, where we can help a client to refine and define an idea. This can begin with a brainstorming session and progress to concept sketches and on to proofs of concept. Experienced studio engineers, we can take an idea and develop it so that it can be produced and sold.

Once the concept has been defined we can help with the next phase as we begin to look at product design. We can help with material selection, types of prototyping, tooling and manufacturing methods which are cost effective and meet the product definition. We can generate drawings and 3D models to be used for prototyping and tooling.

During the engineering and development phase, Evolve will again work directly with the client to combine their expertise with ours to develop a product for production without compromising design intent. Our engineers integrate with the client’s team to realize success through the power of collaboration.

To sum it up, we combine technical knowledge, human factors, problem solving and creativity in order to make a product successful in the marketplace. We can support our clients at any or all phases of the product development cycle.
And that makes us so much more than just “the CAD guys”.


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