High on Hybrids!

Sticking with our green theme from last week, we’ve got green vehicles on the mind. In today’s automotive climate, your choices for environmentally friendly transport are vast and to be frank, a little intimidating. But what is all the hullabaloo about? Is a Chevy Volt the best choice? A Honda Civic Hybrid? Or a hyper efficient Toyota Yaris? Don’t fret, we’ll break it down for you in the most scientific way possible, personal experience!

Come on we’ll rock down to Electric Avenue…electric cars are the new hit single in the automotive scene, but is no emission vehicles the way to go? Now, the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf are cool little cars that we can confirm, they look like something Luke Skywalker would be taking out on the town when he finally gets his license to drive. But as cool as these little zip cars can be, the range falls a little flat. Battery powered with a fuel efficient back up engine, we have reports that a fully charged Chevy Volt can make it from the heart of the City of Holland to Grand Haven, Michigan (about 30 minutes up US 31) and then half way back before the back up engine kicks in. Now if you’re zipping around town running errands, emission free is the way to be, but for longer distances, the Volt just doesn’t cut it. (Priced just under $40,000).

How ’bout them hybrids? Does anyone even know for sure what a hybrid car is actually defined as? We all point fingers at the speedĀ  racing Prius when we think hybrid, but what does it have under the hood? Hybrids combine an internal combustion engine and an battery powered source to propel them forward into an environmentally friendly future. Last week, yours truly took a trip to East Grand Rapids in a Honda Civic Hybrid, and to be honest, I felt like I was in a sophisticated golf cart. It was slow and funny sounding with none of the cool features it’s electric car cousins have (like looking like a space ship). The fuel efficiency is epic (alleged by the driver to average about 45 mph), but I just wasn’t sold on the Civic Hybrid. (Pricing on a new Honda Civic Hybrid, about $25,000.)

Now what about our friend the Yaris? I may be partial, but bang for your buck, hyper fuel efficient Yaris is the way to go. Traveling across Michigan, through Canada and across upstate New York to the beautiful state of Maine is a bit of a trek at about 1,500 miles. In a Yaris, that fifteen hundred mile excursion is only $120 in gas. (Pricing on a new Toyota Yaris, $15,000)

Pass your own judgements, but I’m loving on the Yaris.


Going Green!

With the second decade of this millennium came the trend of going green! Now, unlike the grunge era of the 1990’s and the leisure suits of the 1970’s, going green is a trend that we’re unlikely to regret in fifteen years. EVOLVE by Design’s home, Holland, Michigan, is a small town leader in the sphere of the environmentally friendly with many LEED certified buildings from City Flats Hotel to our very own office in Scrapyard Lofts and a strong movement from the community to make a difference with today being the final work day of the City of Holland’s Green Commute Week!

Over the years, EVOLVE has been involved with the “green movement” through various projects. In the last few years, EVOLVE by Design has worked closely with Haworth Corporation, who also call green themed Holland their home, on several design engineering projects including chairs whose unique and innovative design have earned them high honors and awards at NeoCon.

Haworth Corporations Headquarters is a prime example of going green. It is home to an extensive green roof. What is a green roof? A green, or living roof is a roof that is partially or completely covered with growing medium and vegetation planted over a waterproof membrane. These living roofs have all kinds of environmentally friendly benefits that include, better insulation, natural filtering of rainwater, and the filtering of pollutants and carbon dioxide out of air. These carefully designed green roofs also just look really cool. Green roofing is a growing trend amongst corporations and really anyone who can fund and maintain them! It’s a unique piece of engineering that won’t go out of style!

Why we’re blogging!

Evolve by Design is a small studio of design engineers who work to offer a variety of design engineering services to clients utilizing a clients existing supplier and professional networks. Our small in house team consists of a group capable of offering many skills from engineering design (CATIA V5, Rhino, Solidworks, Pro Engineer Wildfire and Alias) to project management.

In the internet age, it’s imperative for small businesses such as EVOLVE to grow a strong social media platform for the new-age internet service seekers to find us and all the cool things we do here! So take a minute and follow bookmark our blog, follow our twitter (@Evolve_Holland) and like our Facebook page!

Thank you for the continued support of the design engineer industry for without them small studio design wouldn’t have the strength it does in today’s economy.ImageImage